Experience you can count on

We serve a diverse client base from individuals to multi-million, multi-state corporations. Clients look to us for guidance, and we understand the importance of staying on top of new industry trends issues, and regulations. We have a vested interest in our clients success and understanding the value of investing time to understand you and your business.

Most industries require unique services and specific knowledge when it comes to accounting, Bookkeeping, and SJS understands the unique needs to many of these specialized industries. We are happy to share how our dedicated team of professionals can assist you with the financial needs of your particular business in the following specialized fields:

  • Clinics, Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Construction & Contractors
  • Different types of Manufacturing
  • Law firms, Services industry
  • Ship management, Marine consultancy.
  • Transportation & Trucking
  • Real estate & related
  • Different types of traders
  • Non-Profit Organization (Charity, Club, etc)
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